Sharjah Taxi Driver Jobs as described in the advertisement. So, Transguard is a renowned organization that has recently announced multiple job vacancies in various departments across Sharjah.

Taxi Driver Jobs are tailored explicitly to candidates who meet the job requirements. male and female candidates are eligible to apply for the latest Sharjah Taxi Driver Jobs. The recruitment process is straightforward and can be found in the job advertisement posted by the organization. By completing the process, you can secure your job in Sharjah.

Latest Sharjah Taxi Driver Jobs

Education Required High School / Secondary
Language(s) English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic
Jobs Post Multiple
Gender Male and Female
Job Location Sharjah
Salary & Allowances AED 4000-5000
Age limit Not more than 40 years

How to Apply for Taxi Driver Jobs in Sharjah in 2024

If you have recently obtained your driving license in Sharjah, securing a driver’s job can be challenging due to limited insurance coverage for new drivers. However, a viable option is to apply for taxi driver positions in Sharjah, particularly with Sharjah Taxi, where hard work and dedication can lead to a rewarding salary. To be eligible for Sharjah Taxi Driver Jobs, you will need a valid UAE driver’s license and at least a matric pass. This article will guide you through the application process.

Application Requirements:

To apply for a taxi driver job with Sharjah Taxi, ensure you have the following documents ready:

  • Valid UAE driver’s license
  • Matriculation certificate or equivalent
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Copy of your passport
  • Six passport-size photos
  • Valid ID card

Application Process:

Follow these steps to apply for a taxi driver job with Sharjah Taxi:

Prepare Your CV:

Create an updated CV that highlights your driving experience, skills, and any relevant qualifications. Mention your contact details and ensure the CV is well-structured and easy to read.

Gather Required Documents:

Make sure you have copies of your valid UAE driver’s license, matriculation certificate, passport, passport-size photos, and ID card.

Visit Sharjah Taxi HQ:

Head to the Sharjah Taxi headquarters in person with all your documents. The office’s address will be available on their website or can be found through an online search.

Submit Your Application:

Upon arrival at the Sharjah Taxi HQ, approach the reception or designated application desk. Hand over your CV and all the necessary documents to the staff, expressing your interest in applying for a taxi driver position.

Attend an Interview:

If your application meets the initial requirements, you may be called for an interview. Prepare for the interview by researching the company and being ready to discuss your driving experience and customer service skills.

Await the Hiring Decision:

After the interview, await the hiring decision. If successful, you will receive an offer from Sharjah Taxi.

Alternate Application Method:

In addition to applying in person, you can also apply for a taxi driver job at Sharjah Taxi through email. Follow these steps:

Compose an Email:

Draft a polite and professional email expressing your interest in applying for a taxi driver position with Sharjah Taxi.

Attach Required Documents:

Attach scanned copies of your CV, valid UAE driver’s license, matriculation certificate, passport, passport-size photos, and ID card to the email.

Send Your Email:

Address the email to the Human Resources department and send it to

Await Response:

Wait for a response from Sharjah Taxi regarding your application. If shortlisted, they may contact you for further steps.