Housekeeping Jobs in Norway with visa sponsorship 2023 as described in the advertisement. So, Norway is a renowned organization that has recently announced multiple job vacancies in various departments across Norway.

Housekeeping Careers are tailored explicitly to candidates who meet the job requirements. male and female candidates can apply for the latest Housekeeping Jobs in Norway. The recruitment process is straightforward and can be found in the job advertisement posted by the organization. By completing the process, you can secure your job in Norway in 2023.

Latest Housekeeping Jobs in Norway

Job title Housekeeping
Who can apply All nationalities
Minimum age 18 years
Gender Male & Female
Lowest expected salary 5000-7000 NOK/ per month
Labor Labour
Knowledge required No
Experience required No
Benefits Free food
Free Accommodation
Free transportation
Free Medical
Job Category World
Location Norway

Types of Housekeeping Jobs:

Housekeeping can be categorized into two main types: Institutional (Commercial) and Domestic (Household). In a domestic or household setting, individuals or families often hire cleaning services, maids, or housekeepers to take care of cleaning responsibilities. In addition to cleaning, housekeepers in domestic settings are often expected to perform additional duties such as laundry, ironing, cooking, and even taking care of children (Au Pair), for which they receive extra compensation from their employers.

On the other hand, institutional housekeepers primarily work in commercial settings like hotels, tourist apartments, dormitories, and similar establishments. Their main responsibility is to ensure that the business maintains high cleanliness standards. They are entrusted with keeping the premises clean, organized, and presentable to meet the expectations of guests and customers.

While both types of housekeepers have their distinct roles and responsibilities, their ultimate objective remains the same: maintaining cleanliness and order in their respective settings.

Benefits of Housekeeping Jobs in Norway with visa sponsorship:

Housekeeping jobs in Norway with visa sponsorship offer several benefits for individuals seeking employment in this field:

  1. Abundant Job Market: There is a vast demand for housekeepers in both household and commercial residencies, providing numerous job opportunities for qualified candidates.
  2. Visa Sponsorship and Relocation: Employers often offer visa sponsorship and assistance with relocation, making it easier for individuals to work and settle in Norway.
  3. Permanent Job Opportunities: Dedicated and hardworking candidates have the potential to secure permanent job positions. Once employed, they become eligible to stay in Norway, which opens doors to long-term career prospects.
  4. Competitive Pay: Housekeeping jobs in Norway provide decent compensation, commensurate with the nature of the work. Despite being relatively easy, the job offers competitive pay rates.
  5. Additional Compensation for Overtime and Extra Duties: Housekeepers may receive additional payment for working overtime or taking on extra responsibilities such as childcare or driving roles. This allows for increased earning potential.
  6. Free Food and Accommodation: Many households offer complimentary food and accommodation for housekeepers or maids, ensuring 24/7 availability of assistance.
  7. Transportation Benefits: Some employers may provide transportation benefits such as pick-up and drop-off services or cover public transport fares. Alternatively, public transportation in Norway is cost-effective, making commuting affordable.
  8. Reasonable Cost of Living: Norway’s living costs are not exorbitant, providing a favorable environment for individuals to manage their expenses effectively.
  9. Employee Benefits: Working for commercial employers like hotels can offer additional advantages such as retirement plans, healthcare coverage, and social benefits, enhancing job security and well-being.

Overall, housekeeping jobs in Norway with visa sponsorship present an attractive package of job stability, competitive compensation, and various perks, making them appealing options for individuals seeking employment in this field.

How to Apply for Housekeeping Jobs in Norway with visa sponsorship:

Male and female candidates can apply online via the organization’s web portal or by sending their documents and CV to the website provided. For more information visit their website:,-ME-jobs.html?vjk=07406268c1cd864f and click here.