The government jobs in India are much sought after even today. Most young people opt for government jobs under parental pressure, who still hold the same opinion of Government jobs as was a few generations ago.

The fact is that India has truly transformed in the last three decades, after liberalization. The private sectors and multinationals have come up in a big way in India while the prestige, perks, and importance of government jobs have considerably declined.

Government is no longer in the driver’s seat for the development of the nation. Its new motto is ‘minimum government, maximum governance. You can expect the trend to continue and the role of government services to get reduced even more in the future. Hence, you must think and plan well, if you are considering joining government services.

Following are the reasons for not joining government services in India.

  • The role of government has reduced considerably and is likely to reduce even more in future
  • The accountability of government officers has increased much more
  • The frequent transfers and postings adversely affect your personal life
  • The old pension benefits have been withdrawn from the government since 2004
  • There is hardly any appreciation of performance in government as promotions are based on seniority
  • The reserve category people get selection at lower merit, but they get a faster promotion than open category candidates
  • The public perception of civil servants has declined drastically, particularly in urban areas
  • Political interference often makes the life of a civil servant difficult
  • Corruption in government is deep-rooted, which can disturb your peace of mind, either way, you choose to live your life
  • Corporate jobs have become quite lucrative for brilliant and hardworking people