Now I must say a government job is far better than a private job. Let’s know how and why.

I belong to a -class family where is always like a government job is better than a private job and our parents repeat it many times but I was thinking that it’s ok if you have skills you can earn wherever you want, it’s not a big deal.

Now during Quarantine Corona teach me that a government job is better than a private job. I have been working in the government sector indirectly which means my company is hired by Patna municipal corporation as a company and PMC has denied releasing the salary of my company just because we are not going to work and opted for work from home.

Another reality is that staff of my location is also on leave neither they are coming to the location North working their part from home also but there is no option with the government to deduct their salary just because they are government employees. One more thing is that they are on Compassionate Ground Appointment. Isn’t it sound 😠

Now I must say that if you can, they must go for a government job. I mean to say If you can study.

Whenever my parents said preparing for a government job is safe for the future I always denied saying if I have skills I can do my work in any sector but now I am feeling that I was quite wrong.

All the announcement was the only announcement and that’s it. Because my company also get payment from govt. then distribute between the members. But what can it do if govt? denied to release the amount.

Hope now it’s clear 😒 Thanks.