The day I joined IBM India (Noida) I realized I made a blunder leaving HCL. Just the next day after my joining the Talent manager tagged me to a project where my responsibility was to monitor a specific IBM tool and create Excel sheet reports.

The next day I went to him and told him the job profile doesn’t match my skill set. I still can’t believe the reply I received from him. He said “ this is not a restaurant where you have the Liberty to choose your food” and I will be allocated to the right project when there is availability.

I was completely shattered! My turmoil doesn’t end there. I had to do night shifts throughout my entire tenure of 10 months in IBM.

One day I said to myself “enough” and I resigned within a week. Everyone felt was an immature decision except my parents.

Fortunately, my notice period was one month as per IBM policy as I didn’t complete a year. I came back to Kolkata my hometown and spend quality time with my parents. Also, I used to update my Naukri profile daily, and offers, started pouring in. Finally, after 3 months of unemployment, I got an excellent offer from CTS Hyderabad.

It’s almost six months now I am here in Hyderabad and can’t express how happy and motivated I am. I work on an excellent project with awesome teammates and am a superb manager.

Also, CTS gave me a 43% hike from my last drawn salary.

One thing I have understood now is “ The only risk in life is not taking any risk”

Cheers !!