’s tough for any category to get govt. jobs in India be it Sc, St, Obc & even divyaangs. Since vacancies are very very very limited in comparison to the no. of applications. Sometimes chances skim to just 0.03%, 0.001% etc.

But in comparison to General category/unreserved guys, it’s slightly easier for SC/ST candidates because SC/ST candidates can fill up the seats of the General category first, before filling up their category, since Gen/UR seats are filled on merit irrespective of caste/income. and since SC/ST has a lower population in comparison to the seat participation they are offered (50%* gen+22.5% SC/ST seats = 72.5% overall), cutoffs go quite less in SC/ST than in the General/UR Category. UR category can participate strictly on 50%* seats which can be filled by either UR candidate or OBC or SC/ST, it’s open for all. An OBC candidate is entitled to participate in 50%

  • Currently, 40% of seats are in the Open.
  • UR+27%OBC=77% seats of the total lot.

I am from the UR/Gen category too, but I will never agree with the fact that SC/ST can get govt. jobs easily. Gone are the days when cutoffs used to be just 10%-15% of the UR cutoffs. Now the gap is bridging because of increased awareness of the rights & privileges among the SC/ST communities. But is fairly easier to get jobs in comparison to the UR category, where cutoffs dip by a considerable amount of marks for SC/ST from UR (sometimes differences are around 50 marks in job recruitment exams like SSC CGL), in an era of competition where even 0.25 marks can shatter your dreams.