1. You are underestimating yourself due to your failure in 2 prelims of UPSC. You have cleared State PCS prelim and SSC mains…indicates that you are not the candidate with avg. IQ. …you are above avg. I suggest you stop focusing on the empty half glass…and focus on the other part. Think positive. You must read the book “The secret: Law of attraction”. If you are not accepting yourself as above avg. candidate, how will you covey to interview panel of SSC, State PCS…and UPSC!!!
  2. You have admitted that you are lazy….with positive thinking action is equally important. Until you put your thoughts into action, you will not get success.
  3. You must start again. ‘Well begun is half done. A good and right beginning always assures success. Many people have the perception that UPSC is an impossible thing. Usually, what is fearful for us is to come out of our comfort zone and browse unknown areas. Nothing is impossible. People who are afraid of starting preparation for IAS never became IAS. On another hand the people who overcome their feeling of fear and started created at least some possibility/probability of success. So if you want some result, then you have to toss the dice. otherwise, you will never get any result. Running away from your problems is a race you will never win, so just face them head-on, and overcome them. The bravery to attempt is a valuable cause, we cannot measure the future event without doing the real act of experiencingence it. So always remember the importance of ‘starting action’.
  4. Starting is an unending process till you reach your goal. If you are moving from Mumbai to Delhi by your car, you have to start your car at Mumbai…and then after every place where you stop for taking rest or due to any other reason. In a lot of cases, we all beautiful and elaborate plans but do not ‘do’ them. As a simple example, many students make up their daily schedule as the vacation start, waking early in the morning, studying hard, etc. But, what is the reality? From the first morning, they turn off the alarm unconsciously. Thus, it is really important to start ‘action’ at each movement…it may be the beginning of the task or the of the task. We have to maintain the patience that we can keep up the work that we had started. It says if we are determined to attempt, we should be responsible till the end comes out.