Pakistan’s youngest and beautiful actress Hania Aamir recently opened up about the difficult events in her life during an interview.

Hania Aamir

During the interview, Hania said that she was young when her parents separated, due to which she had to live in many different places, then she started living with her mother and sister.

Hania Aamir

Talking about the beginning of the career. She said that when I auditioned for the film Jaanaan. My selection went hand in hand and I was also given the . Which I had signed without reading and when my mother came home and told that the film has been signed. She was surprised and refused thinking of mama’s reaction.

Haina Aamir and Wahaj Ali

Hania said that after that I convinced my mother that the film has now been signed. After that I will not do any film. But let this film be done, so the mother agreed by saying that no one should know.

Hania Aamir

The actress revealed that even after my mother refused. I started posting videos about the shooting on Insta every day. After which the uncle and other family members came home, there was a bitter argument, honor was also discussed and there was a fight.

However, after this incident, the actress decided to take up the responsibilities of her mother and younger sister herself, Hania Aamir said that ever since I have been running my own house, that is why I have been taking the responsibilities of both from a young age.

The actress said that there are still relatives but there are distances, even today I am a big star but the family does not consider me a big star.

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