The answer to this question is like asking someone which color should I make my fav? Well, the answer varies from person to person. ’s really funny that everyone wants to study in a Pvt or an international school to show status but wanna join a govt job after/school (particularly in India).

From my point of view and as a Mechanical graduate I opted for a private job abroad. I don’t wanna sit in an office before a or work in the same field under the same roof. I like traveling and I got this in the Pvt sector.

Secondly, salary…… The concentration of wealth in your hand will be more when compared to the job in the public sector. And nowadays, the Pvt sector also gives high perks and incentives, if not, then, other facilities like that of family status, health facilities, children education, etc.
The only difficulty which I found in the Pvt sector is the workload and poor social life. But, I won’t fail to mention that if you are a good player then successively you will overcome this too when u will be promoted to ‘class A’ level.

Third, work. The pvt sectors with the R&D wing offer great exposure for a player to satisfy his quest for innovative research work. Only a few public units have the R&D wing. As far as I am informed in public jobs egoism, racism, corruption, and political issue play a major role in restricting a quality worker to emerge in his career but in Pvt companies( since, it’s a mixture of culture, race, and nationalities) there is no such blockage until you break the nose of your boss. If you are capable then you can grow by demanding. As the joker said, ” if you are good at something never do it for free”.

I don’t have any other reason to go for a Pvt job than a govt. But all this depends only on the job you are into. If you don’t land a good job then for sure you will curse yourself for not opting for public service. Any graduate engineer before landing a job should make a thorough study of his/ her interests and the job he is offered.