The Pakistan’s famous actor Fawad Khan has quit the television screen.

Talking about his absence on the TV screen in a recent interview. He said, “Now is difficult for me to come back to TV dramas. Because I think I have grown older and most of the television programs are based on the life stories of young people.

Fawad Khan

Fawad said that I think the television screen is for our young generation. So I have no plans to return to the TV screen now.

Fawad Khan

Remember that Fawad Khan stepped into the world of acting from the television screen and gave many blockbuster dramas to the Pakistani television industry. Which are still liked by fans.

Fawad Khan

The actor was not only liked by the Pakistani audience on the Pakistani TV screen. But he also gained a lot of popularity due to his brilliant performance in India across the border. After which he also tried his luck in .

Fawad Khan has worked in many Bollywood films so far and today he is counted among the famous faces of the Indian film industry.

Ever since Fawad Khan went to Mumbai to try his luck in Bollywood, Pakistani TV disappeared from the screen.

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