I like to answer this question and I worked in private and at present in Govt sector.

My answer is based on arranged marriage market prevalent in Tamilnadu.

  1. In arranged marriages mostly girls’ parents are happy with Govt Job grooms irrespective of their social status.
  2. Girls are very smart, if they are working especially in they are not keen on getting hitched with Govt employees. They know very well about transfers and so on.
  3. They are well aware of Govt employee’s (Mid. Level) salary and allowance which is half of 5 years experienced IT professional. So chances of getting an IT professional are near impossible.
  4. Another prominent notion, Govt employees are outdated. Automatically Govt employees are not good dating partners. (I disagree with it).
  5. Cut to the chase Govt employees lost their shun in the current marriage market. Brides are more inclined toward high paying private professionals
  6. Govt Job is overrated in this country.